Bought a House That Needs Some Work


Posted by admin | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 29-10-2016

I have found a house for a very reasonable price. Of course there is a very sensible reason why the price was so low and that is that it is going to require a good deal of hard work and money to make it livable. Today I went to a orange county shutters store, to get a new set of shutters. Some person must have stolen the shutters from this place. The look this creates is really odd, because you see where the shutters used to be and you can not help thinking that this is an odd thing for someone to steal. Of course I would guess that you could steal them without attracting much suspicion. If some person came to the house next door and took the shutters off I would never think that they were stealing them. It just seems really dumb, so you would assume that they were simply removing them for some less malevolent purpose.

In the big picture that is just a small detail. In fact it is a bit of a cake walk in comparison to the real problems with the house. I could pretty much drink beer and screw around half of the day and get the shutters put back up with no issue. The big tasks are going to require a good deal of planning, along with a trip to the rental store to get the tools that I shall need and the money to pay for all of the stuff. We shall have to do the bathrooms all over again and after that I need to find an electrician that I can afford. I am not sure how this house ever passed inspection to be honest about it. The wiring was done by someone who was clearly not working under the codes.


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