Doing the Work Yourself for a Home Renovation Project is Worth It


Posted by admin | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 24-07-2016

We bought our home fully planning to restore it all on our own. We needed to do one room at a time rather than one project at a time for most of the restoration. In many renovation projects you can do the windows, then the walls, then the floors and so on and so on. It took some logistical planning to make our house livable while we did the home renovation project. The first room we completed was the master bathroom. You might think the kitchen would be the first place to renovate, but the bathroom is a much more needed room when you have day jobs.

Our home is a small cottage at the edge of the water. We were doing everything without going into debt. The bathroom was a tough job to get done. We had to redo the pipes including the drains. This meant tearing up the wall of the living room just below the bathroom in order to route new pipe. It made it easy to get new wires ran too. Before we began to do the renovations we had a new electrical service entrance installed. The previous owner had replaced the terracotta sewer line with modern PVC, so we were good to go there. The water line was only about 10 years old, so it was okay too. The infrastructure has to be in place when you are doing any home renovation project.

Our two-bedroom cottage was coming along nicely. It took us about three years of working every weekend to get it done and working some in the evenings too. We only put in a few hours on many Saturdays due to having fun in our boat on the water. We converted an old fishing trawler into a nice cruising vessel. We could have never done any of this without the sweat equity we put into the renovation and restoration of things. We could not afford a mortgage on a house like our cottage if we bought it in the shape it is in now after the renovations.


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