Let the Board Handle It


Posted by admin | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 29-10-2020

The recent tax refund left my wife and I with some money to spend on whatever we wanted. We weren’t sure whether to take a vacation, do some renovations, or get a new appliance. We came up with a fun way to help us decide. We had this old dart board that we bought many years ago for parties but we never used it. We taped some ideas to it and threw darts until we landed on one. Renovations won, so we taped window shutters, new tile, paint for the rooms, and new counter tops to the dart board to decide which one of those should be done.

While doing all of this, my wife and I realized that the game was pretty fun and that we should be playing it more often. We also realized that our aim is pretty bad. It took a lot of throws for us to finally hit something on the board. We tried throwing fast, squinting, and even flicking our wrists. I have no idea how the pros are able to make such good throws. It was my wife who made the final choice, as her throw landed on the shutters choice.

As we looked online for shutters, we found various places that sold shutters, and they all looked pretty good, so we had to use the dart board again to decide. It was hard to tell whether we really needed the dart board to make these decisions, or if we just enjoyed the game and wanted to use every opportunity we had to play the game. In either case, we were able to make or choices because of the board. After paying for the shutters, we used the left over money to go to a fancy restaurant. We didn’t need the board for that one.


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