Looking at a Place in Baltimore County


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I am not sure how practical this house would be for Janet and I. We would have to think about the total cost. There are some small things. It would require us to pay for one of those monitoring companies for ADT for Ownings Mills. It is probably quite practical for me to commute from there. The Baltimore Metro Subway has a station about a mile and a half from this place, so the truth is that you can walk to the subway from this house. That is what is going to make the most sense on the days when I am going to not need to have a car, because obviously if you work down town it is a big pain to find a place to park and to pay for it too. At the moment there are some people who have to pay like a dozen dollars a day for parking. I have this deal that I made with a guy I know, but that means I have to walk about four blocks from the place where he lives.

At any rate right now I have something that works because I know I guy who has a house with a driveway that is not too far away from where I work and of course I am ready to make a deal with him rather than pay forty or fifty dollars a week, or more to park my car. I would just as soon take the subway and then just walk to work without having to worry about stuff like that, if it was the best option. Of course a lot of people get nervous with mass transit. You definitely end up meeting a lot of people who you might prefer not to be closely associated with on occasion.


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