New Shutters for Our Final Flip


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My husband and I used to flip houses. Well, we flipped three of them, which was enough for us. It was fun, but it was also hard work. One of the things that we tried to do was add at least one high value improvement to increase the value of the house. We looked at many different options, and we determined that orange county shutters was the best one. I have seen them hanging on walls at the home improvement store, but actually seeing them in a house how they should be is amazing.

We liked how they looked so much that we put them in all three houses. When we sold all three, each home buyer told us that the shutters was one of the reasons they chose that particular home to make their own. When we bought our final house to flip, we knew that we were going to keep it for ourselves. That is why we took extra care in all of the rooms. I told my husband that I did not want to get the shutters from the local store though. I had been researching them, and I found that Orange County Shutters actually offers more superior shutters.

I had looked at their website and was happy to see that they have a lot more options than the local store does. I am not saying that the place we bought our shutters is not good, but they are also not the best either. That is reserved for Orange County Shutters. We finished everything with the house and saved the shutters for last. When the decorator came out to measure the windows, she had us so excited to see the finished product, which we did not too long after. This house is by far our best flip!


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